That awkward moment when you’re interviewing Tom Hiddleston and suddendly he turns over and just stands there…. and you don’t know why

Is he posing for photographers ? Is he looking at someone ? Or is he just lost in his thoughts ?

Moscow Tom, Man of Mystery


Tyler complimenting Dylan’s skills and acting like usual. 




LOL… I know he’s awkward and wants to be a gentlemen and all that…

BUT this is freaking hilarious. perfect gif use is perfect.



I’ve got 99 problems and 98 of them can be attributed to poor time management and self control.




Friendly reminder that this creepy moment existed. 

It makes my skin crawl how people will romanticize this.


So now that Fury’s channeling his alternate universe self and gone walkabout in search of being a ‘righteous man’ and now that Shield is so much dust in the wind, who is going to inform Tony of the new evidence in his parent’s death?

Who is going to be strong enough to open wounds that have scarred thick and deep from time? Unearth grief that Tony has buried for the past 23 years. Who is going to watch this man mourn all over again? Who cares enough about him to not sweep this under the rug?

Steve and Tony may be at the beginning of their relationship in the mcu but Steve is far too honorable to let this evidence be ignored. He respects Tony, he won’t lie to him by omission. Especially when he has personal ties to the victims (Howard and Maria) the perpetrator of the crime (Hydra with the added implication that the Winter Soldier did some of Hydra’s wet work ) and the innocent affected by the fallout (Tony). Steve knows better than anyone how it feels to have wounds from the past ripped open as if they only happened yesterday. 

So it will be Steve who goes to Tony. Takes him somewhere quiet, who sits him down and tells him. It will be Steve who will watch as Tony takes the hit of resurfaced memories like a body blow. Steve who will see the pain and loss chase through Tony’s eyes and it will be Steve who will reach out to him when Tony cries. Steve who will let him know that this time he isn’t alone as he grieves.

It will be Steve and Tony together who will draw from this to make them stronger.Bring them closer together as friends, as teammates, as brother’s.

Individually Steve and Tony are formidable but together they are unstoppable.



"Looks like this is the end of the line," Bucky whispers as he leads Steve down the aisle and places his hand in Tony’s. 

sirdef grumbled: tony showing up at steve's apartment after the events of cap 2 and opening with "HOW DARE YOU do you know how RARE vibranium IS and you just LET IT FALL what if they HADN'T FOUND IT steve WHAT IF and you JOKE ABOUT IT to people" while patting him and hugging him and making sure he isn't injured injured and steve rolls his eyes and gives him a big hug. "you are moving to new york asap i have to chaperone your shield you can stay in the tower" tony grumbles into steve's neck


"Okay, I can maybe keep a toothbrush there while I’m away-"


And Steve hesitantly explains how he needs to go find Bucky, and Tonyis like “FUCK NO YUO’RE NOT” and then Sam shows up five minutes late with Starbucks and enters into a kitchen full of Steve/Tony fighting.

When Tony finally storms out Sam is like “Sooooo…. that’s why you keep turning down Natasha’s dates” and Steve is like WHAT. NO. WHAT. *reddest face ever and totally not from the fight* And Sam is like “yeah. uh-huh. I got it now.”

And maybe Steve sticks a freaking toothbrush at Stark Avengers Tower to make Tony happy. And drags along some stupid Stark!tech on his world wide tour of spying on Bucky so that Tony can jabber in his ear about how unsafe this is and how he needs to take better care of himself and DON’T DRINK THE WATER STEVE THIS IS MEXICO DON’T YOU KNOW ANYTHING.

I have seen The Winter Soldier and I still ship Stony



We’re still here.




Someone who stands their ground no matter what.

favorite pairings →  Tony Stark & Steve Rogers

 "Put on the suit. Let’s go a few rounds."

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    I heard Steve got his shield back in Avengers aou

    I wonder how…? (◕‿◕✿)

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    Since I watched the little notepad on tv last sunday I couldn’t stop thinking about the star wars/trek part (here’s the photoset with the screenshots I made)

    It was a little strange to draw these two again, It has been a long time :D

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